Thursday, January 14, 2010

Male Genital Tattoo Pics What Is The Best Chemical Product To Remove Male Genital Hair?

What is the best chemical product to remove male genital hair? - male genital tattoo pics

I am looking for a safe product to remove light to moderate amounts of hair around the back / groin and thigh. I used the products and Veet and Nair are not working for me. Andre for Men is a good choice?

Can anyone recommend a product that works well and leaves no burns or rash at the groin. Please only recommend a product that has personally used.

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Kate said...

Most hair removal creams burn or irritate the skin to the almost inevitable. Nair does not work for me, but I have a cream hair remover for your legs (very little, and be careful!) For the hair down there, and it worked perfectly. To be sure, in advance, so not bad for free irritate the skin.

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